Earn $4000 every month passively in 15 weeks

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“Passive Income”, “Free money”, it really seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? I was always told by my parents that I have to work hard for money. They always stressed good education and grades. Now that I got my degree, I am actually really grateful. Not because I can work in a higher-paid job than average. Rather because I’ve found out that I actually don’t have to work hard. And I remember how shocked I was when I received my first side business payment. I was in disbelief. I was literally like “this actually works?”.

Work smart not hard

I think most people dream of making their passion to money. Whatever you have in mind right now. Wouldn’t it be awesome to make money by playing video games, writing blog posts, or (your passion here)? Let me tell you one thing: It is possible! Because most of the time other people have been successful in what we want, we know for sure that it’s possible for us. When I started my journey to financial freedom I had almost no budget, so I was looking for a way to start without any start-up costs. I often found articles referring to “content creation” if you want to start making money online. (Fun fact, back in the days I hated writing articles).

The best ways I found (~4000$/month)

Before I was making money I was very eager to find the best and easier way to make money online. I actually found out that partner programs of successful startups are extremely lucrative, where you only refer “leads” to their service.
Leads is a very important keyword here, as you don’t sell any product or service, so you are not converting a “customer”. You simply get other people to sign up for the service (which is free) and you are rewarded. It is just nuts, I know.

I created so much content on multiple blogs now (and keep creating it), that new leads are coming in very constantly throughout the month. This creates a monthly revenue of about 4000$ for me, from only two companies. The companies are called hi.com and presearch.com and both are utilizing blockchain tech. I will give you a quick introduction to both of them in the following. The cool thing is, you earn crypto today even without referring anyone:

hi.com & HI$

Hi.com is a not-for-profit bank that will change the future of banking.
I mean they bought the domain “hi.com” (cost them 12million bucks). Furthermore, they have strong incentive systems in place. They achieved 1 million users within 3 months of launching hi.com. Banking will change rapidly in the future: no transaction costs, up to 20% APY, and instant transactions.

Essentially they are letting you claim 1 HI$ per day (~1.10$) as a daily reward (to boost their daily users). You simply have to signup using your mobile number. In addition, you get half the daily reward for any friend you referred who claimes daily. And the friends your friends give you rewards too (downstream referrals). And that makes me more than 80$ a day passively!!!!!

Of course, you have to KYC and pay a fee to withdraw your HI$ but this is industry standard by now and furthermore incentivizes to hold the assets long term.

Signup here

Presearch & PRE$

Second, start using Presearch. Presearch is essentially like Google but acts like a pre-selection tool before Google. It looks very similar to Google and it shows you your search results almost exactly like Google. But you have the option to use your search on multiple platforms including Google, YouTube, Coinmarketcap, and Twitter. You can even add your own platforms to a selection bar which will be visible to you all the time when using Presearch.

The best thing though: You get rewarded in PRE for each search you make (there is a daily limit). This alone makes me about $10 per month and it is actually really convenient and efficient. And again: you can refer others and both of you get 25PRE when you did some searches. And again, that makes me a couple of hundreds a month.

Signup here



Ok, so what do you do now? This is always up to you. I would register for both of these referral programs and open your blog on Medium and just start getting your link out there. You could also open a Youtube/TikTok/Insta and make videos. It is up to you! Look for alternative referral programs, or find another way to start your journey. The most important part: start! I wish you great success on your way!


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