We are a Test Automation Experts

Kaprin stands as a leader in test automation engineering, offering innovative solutions that combine cutting-edge techniques, technologies, and methodologies. We cater to a diverse range of industries, driving automation innovation and QA optimization. Our comprehensive expertise covers all test automation platforms, supported by a vast reservoir of best practices that we tailor for our client’s specific needs.

The Importance of Test Automation for Modern Companies

Test automation is vital for contemporary business environments as it offers numerous advantages:

Efficient Testing Efforts: Streamlining the testing process.
Accelerated Project Delivery: Ensuring faster completion and deployment.
Cost Reduction: Significantly lowering project budgets.
Given these benefits, we develop and implement test automation solutions that align perfectly with your goals, timelines, and budget.

Components of Our Test Automation Engineering Solution

Our approach to test automation includes:

  1. Optimized Processes: Methodologies yielding quantifiable results, addressing challenges like accuracy in repetitive tasks, faster software development cycles, technology upgrades, and enhanced security.
  2. Advanced Technology: A comprehensive set of industry-relevant tools and software, complementing your in-house resources.
  3. Expert Team: A project led by seasoned professionals experienced in working with QA teams, business analysts, and developers.
  4. Versatile Tools: Utilizing a broad array of automation technologies including Micro Focus/HP UFT, Selenium, Ranorex, Sauce Labs, and Perfecto Mobile.
    Kaprin’s Distinctive Test Automation Capabilities

Kaprin is renowned for:

  1. Expansive Automation Expertise: Building and maintaining robust test automation solutions across various platforms, devices, and languages/OS.
  2. Sophisticated Automation Techniques: Utilizing risk-based methodologies and comprehensive testing modules for enhanced productivity and execution speed.
  3. Quality and Efficiency: Delivering superior testing quality and time-to-value, with over 80% of our test projects in the past four years requiring automation.


Testing Tools and Secure Infrastructure Requirements

Kaprin ensures the availability of necessary infrastructure, communication, and software testing tools for every project. Our unique partnership with HP/Micro Focus as a premier reseller allows us to provide precise test tools and expertise on demand. Our Managed Service Provider status with HP/Micro Focus enables us to lease licenses for short periods, reducing licensing cost burdens for our clients.

Diverse Automation Tools for Varied Testing Needs

Depending on the testing requirement, we recommend:

API Testing: Tools like Katalon, SoapUI, or Parasoft Soatest.
GUI Testing: Katalon, Selenium, and MicroFocus UFT.
SAP Testing: MicroFocus UFT and Worksoft Certify.
Adapting Automation to Different SDLCs

Waterfall SDLC: Test automation is typically applied in the later stages, requiring a stable GUI.
Agile SDLC: Test automation can begin early, contributing to the regression test set despite test coverage lag.


At Kaprin, we are dedicated to equipping businesses with advanced test automation solutions, aligning with their unique requirements. Whether your project follows a waterfall or agile approach, our expertise and tools are designed to provide optimal results, enhancing both efficiency and quality in your software development lifecycle.