Our Automation Solutions for Various Construction Departments

Explore integrations for Kaprin on the sector’s leading interoperability solution marketplace. Our integrations aim to help construction companies finish on time and under budget.

Leverage advanced construction technology in a modern cloud ecosystem to achieve greater control over your projects. This integration fosters enhanced productivity, superior quality, heightened transparency, increased safety, and a stronger commitment to sustainability.

Ensure the successful completion of your projects by harnessing the capabilities of state-of-the-art construction technology. Access real-time data, establish seamless workflows, and utilize cloud-based construction solutions that encompass the entire construction lifecycle. This empowers you to approach your projects with confidence, knowing that you have the tools and resources to succeed.

With our solutions you achieve: 

  1. Up to 30% cost savings
  2. Up to 50% less rework


We deploy automation solutions that connect easily with all the departments to usher more efficiency and less manual work

Asset Management: Empower project owners and site managers to optimize construction assets across multiple sites and buildings using asset management software.

Compliance: Track, monitor, and audit business processes to ensure alignment with legal, industry, security requirements, and organizational policies.

Project Management: Equip project teams with tools for efficient planning, budget control, quality management, and documentation tracking.

Expense Management: Enable employees to manage business expenses and empower finance teams to oversee reimbursements, reports, and travel requests.

Procurement: Provide your team with tools to acquire bids for equipment, materials, and construction services essential for project success.

Sales & CRM: Offer all departments a unified view of every customer, enhancing coordination among marketing, sales, finance, and field teams.

HR Management: Streamline HR tasks and optimize organizational goals, allowing HR staff and managers to allocate time and resources more efficiently.

Time Management: Simplify time tracking for your team, ensuring accuracy and completeness in daily time management.